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The new addition of AI Augmented Sky may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This new feature is designed for those that want to be a bit more creative with their images by creating composites. You can let your imagination run wild or just keep it simple. The beauty is that there are no rules.

Composites can be quite complex to create and are usually best created in software such as Adobe Photoshop. They can involve using multiple layers and masking which can be time-consuming. Skylum’s AI Augmented Sky does all the heavy lifting for you if you want to create a composite. It basically works the same way as the AI Sky Replacement tool, however, instead of just replacing skies, AI Augmented Sky gives you the opportunity to add backgrounds such as lightning, stars, rainbows etc.

If you are not sure how to start doing composites then Skylum’s Luminar 4 may be the software you need. Not only can you use the application for regular editing and processing, but it also has many other great creative tools such as AI Sky Replacement and for portrait photographers, AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer. We have been testing the AI Augmented Sky tool over the last couple of weeks and it really is impressive. Adding your creativity to an image can now be done with just one click.

As is the case with all the editing features in this Luminar 4, it is all non-destructive to the original image.

Photography Planner

Fireworks are easily added with just one click. You can adjust the size and position of any object that is added within the masked area.

Luminar 4 auto-detects the sky and creates a mask that allows the composite object to be placed within the mask area. There are 34 objects that come pre-installed with the added option to create and upload your own.

Skylum’s Luminar 4 can be used as a plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom, plus more. It can also be used as a standalone application which is a great option for those not wanting to pay a monthly subscription fee for editing software. It has lots of great editing tool. To find out more, check out our post Top 5 features we use in Luminar 4

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Peak Design Travel Tripod

With just one click and a couple of easy tweaking, we were able to add Mt Fuji to the background.

Adding multiple objects to your image.

Don’t just stop at one object when you can add multiple objects to your image. To do this you just need to create a new ‘stamp layer’. You will then be able to add another object. Just make sure you have done all adjustments to the first object as you will not be able to change this once the new stamp layer has been created.

Pauly Designed Streetwear

The mountains and the moon added using the ‘Create Stamp Layer’ function.

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Add your own Objects

You can also use your own background objects in your composite. They just need to be created as PNG files with transparent areas to obtain the best results. Once you have loaded your custom image it will appear in the ‘Object Selection’ drop-down list.


We found using the AI Augmented Sky tool in Luminar 4 a lot of fun and very easy to use. Naturally, if you do not like composites then this feature in the software is not for you. However, if you are like us and enjoy getting creative and letting your imagination run wild then you will really love using this tool!

If you would like to read our post on how to use the AI Augmented Sky tool then check it out here

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Skylum Luminar Neo

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