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We host a large photography Meetup group in Sydney, Australia. Not only do we hold Photo Walks but we also do workshops and training sessions. One of the first things we notice about newcomers to the group is that they nearly always use the original camera strap that came with their camera purchase.

Now, if you are only an occasional camera user or even if you use the smaller mirrorless cameras then the strap supplied with your camera will possibly be enough for your needs. But if you shoot quite frequently then the first thing you should consider is a comfortable camera strap.

When URTH released their camera straps in 2021 as part of their ‘Carry‘ range, we were interested to see how they performed in comparison to our current straps and whether it would be a product worth recommending. To be 100% honest, when it comes to camera straps, we are really big fans of the Peak Design Slide & Slide Lite camera straps and have been using them for several years. To be honest, we don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

However, we are also fans of the Urth product brand, and if you haven’t heard of this brand, you may be more familiar with the brand Gobe. The company, in the past, has mainly sold camera filters, but since its re-branding in late 2020, it has been expanding its product range.

We’ve been using Gobe/Urth products for quite a while and love their quality, price, and contribution to the environment through tree planting in some of the most deforested regions of the world.

Urth kindly sent the URTH Core Camera Strap for this review. Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

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Urth has generously given us a 10% discount code for its products. If you find this review helpful, please consider using the links in this post to make your purchase. It won't cost you anything extra, but it will help support us so we can keep writing these reviews.

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The URTH Core Camera Strap V1 is shipped in a recyclable brown tube. The Urth Core Camera Strap V2 version of the strap ships in mid-grey packaging which conforms with their Plus+ filter range. Please Note: Urth’s website no longer has a V1 or V2 version of the strap. If you order the strap it will be packaged with the mid-grey packaging (see image below).

Inside the packaging is the strap which is neatly woven around a strip of sturdy recyclable cardboard. The packaging also contains 2 sets of pebble fasteners (4 in total) and 1 tripod anchor mount.

Before you dispose of the recyclable packaging make sure you register your product to plant 5 trees in a deforested region of the world. Your unique code resides on the inside of the lid. Unfortunately, we could not find the code on the packaging for the V2 strap. Maybe they are planting trees based on every sale of the strap.

Urth Core Camera Strap V2 - Packaging

Above: Urth Core Camera Strap V2 – Sand. Since they no longer designate V1 or V2 on their website, we would assume any new orders will be shipped with the above packaging.

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Both versions of the URTH Core Camera Strap are constructed with 100% recycled nylon. Like the Peak Design Slide Strap, the material is similar in feel to a car seatbelt. There’s an adjustable buckle that will let you adjust the strap from 700mm to 1250mm in length, making it suitable for most people’s height.

On one side of the strap are ample silicon grips that will give you extra stability, but you can also use the smooth side. The strap can be worn as a shoulder strap, across the body (sling), or as a neck strap (we never recommend that you use a strap around the neck). We would always use the strap in the across-the-body configuration as this is the most comfortable and secure.

The camera strap also includes a tripod anchor mount, which is ideal for cameras that have very small eyelets or none at all. The anchor plate screws into the thread at the bottom of most cameras, and the pebble fasteners attach to the two eyelets. As mentioned,  the strap includes two sets of pebble fasteners (4 total) and one tripod anchor mount. Naturally, this attachment method is not ideal if you frequently use a tripod. If your camera has an L-Bracket attached, we suggest you attach the pebble fasteners to the bracket.  Please Note – You can purchase extra pebble fasteners on the Urth website by clicking the link above, however, they do not seem to sell the tripod anchor mount seperately.

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Urth Core Camera Strap

Above: Tripod Anchor Mount + Pebble Fasteners

Urth Core Camera Strap
Urth Core Camera Strap
Peak Design Travel Tripod


Both the Urth Core Camera Strap and Urth Core Camera Strap Slim are available in either Onyx (Black), Ash (Grey), Sand, and Moss colourways. Hover over the images below for a closer look.

Both straps will hold up to 80kgs and are adjustable to the same length as mentioned previously. The Urth Core Camera Strap is 40mm in width with the Slim version half the width at 20mm. The Slim strap would be more suitable for those with lighter mirrorless cameras.

For a comprehensive look at the specs visit the Urth website here

Urth Core Camera Strap - Onyx

Above: Urth Core Camera Strap – Onyx

Urth Core Camera Strap - Ash
Urth Core Camera Strap V2 - Sand
Urth Core Camera Strap V2 - Moss

Above: Urth Core Camera Strap – Moss


  • Comfortable
  • Good Quality
  • Recycled material
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30-day returns


  • Pebble Fasteners are tight to attach & disconnect but may be easier after extended use
  • Only one adjustable buckle compared to two on the Peak Design Slide strap. This means that the strap will need to be connected the same way each time to ensure the adjustment buckle is at the front.
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USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and select European countries – Free Standard Delivery.
Singapore – $4.95 Standard Delivery and $8.95 Express Delivery
Rest of World – $18.00 Standard Delivery and $25.00 Express Delivery

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There’s only so much you can say when it comes to a camera strap. Needless to say, in certain genres of photography, it is a crucial part of your kit whereas in other genres it probably is not as important. If you carry your camera around for an extended period, as we do, you will realise just how important the humble camera strap is, and if that’s the case, then the URTH Core Camera Strap is an adequate camera strap and worthy of consideration. 

Would we use the Urth Core Camera Strap? If we didn’t already own the Peak Design Slide and Slide Lite camera straps then the Urth Core Camera Strap would be the one we would use.

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Disclaimer:  Although we are affiliated with URTH Filters and receive a commission on any sales, this review is totally unbiased. As Professional Photographers we would never recommend the use of any product unless we have used the product ourselves. We always strive to give you our honest opinion in order to help you make the best choice. We did receive the product with compliments of URTH but were not paid for this review. We may also receive commissions on other links in this post.

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