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Urth recently launched three new bags to their “Carry’ range  – the Arkose Tote, Dolomite Sling, and the Andesite Camera Pouch.  These are three very different products to suit a wide variety of photographers.

The Andesite Camera Pouch could be our shortest Urth post ever. This pouch is designed for the minimalist photographer who carries a compact or point-and-shoot camera and not much else.

With the quality of small compact cameras and mobile phones these days, bigger camera bags for some people are not needed. Bags such as the Andesite may be all some users will need for their day-to-day use or short holidays.

For this review, Urth kindly sent us the Andesite Camera Pouch, in Onyx (Black). As per usual, this is an unbiased review of the product. Urth did not pay us for this review. Check out our disclaimer at the bottom of this post.

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Urth Andesite Camera Pouch

Above: Urth Andesite Camera Pouch – Worn over the shoulder using the supplied strap

Urth Andesite Camera Pouch

Above: Urth Andesite Camera Pouch – Removing the Son RX100 V

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The Urth Andesite Camera Pouch is manufactured with 100% recycled Nylon (the product as a whole is 70% recycled) and is weatherproof (not waterproof). The interior is well-padded and has a 2L capacity. In its entirety, the pouch measures 17.5cm (W) x 13.5cm (H) x 7.0cm (D) with an entrance zipper at the top of the pouch. In our opinion, the entrance to the pouch is a little narrow if using the pouch for slightly larger cameras, but some users may disagree.

There is an exterior magnetised pocket that is quite deep and also an internal one. The internal pocket is split into 2 pockets, One narrow one that has been designed to hold a pen and another one for miscellaneous items such as camera batteries, spare SD cards, film etc. The pouch also includes an adjustable shoulder strap that is also made from recycled Nylon.

The strap can be extended from 70 cm to 125cm and can be worn over the shoulder or across the body (like a sling strap). The only way to adjust the strap was to feed the longer end back through the buckle and pull on the excess. It is not possible to adjust the strap by pulling on the buckle. So, unfortunately, this is not a very intuitive strap that is quick and easy to adjust.

Including the strap, the Andesite Camera Pouch weighs 200g.

That’s the Andesite Camera Pouch in a nutshell. There are no fancy bells and whistles here, no nifty innovative design, just a well-padded pouch with a strap – oh and a couple of pockets. We guess there’s only so much you can add when designing a camera pouch. smile

Skylum Luminar Neo
Urth Andesite Camera Pouch

Above: Urth Andesite Camera Pouch – the well-padded interior with the Sony RX100 V

Urth Andesite Camera Pouch

Above: Urth Andesite Camera Pouch – won’t entirely fit a larger screen mobile phone – pictured is an Oppo Reno8 Lite

ON1 Photo Raw 2024
Urth Andesite Camera Pouch

Above: Urth Andesite Camera Pouch – the shoulder strap is not quickly adjusted

Urth Andesite Camera Pouch

Above: Urth Andesite Camera Pouch – the external magnetised pocket is good for storing frequently accessed items. If you have an iPhone it would probably fit in here with your keys

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  • Weatherproof
  • Well padded interior
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • 3 colourways
  • Compact & Slim-line
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • No zipper pockets
  • The strap is not easily adjusted
  • Pockets not large enough to accommodate a standard Mobile Phones. Your phone could sit inside with the camera but there is a risk of scratching. Maybe a divider inside the pouch would have been a better option.
  • Lack of features
  • Not waterproof
  • Overpriced
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The Urth Andesite Camera Pouch is available in Onyx, Sand, and Moss colourways. Hover over the images for a magnified view.

Urth Andesite Camera Pouch - Onyx
Urth Andesite Camera Pouch - Sand
Urth Andesite Camera Pouch - Moss


In all honesty, we are a bit underwhelmed with the Andesite Camera Pouch. Sure, we realise that there is a small market for point-and-shoot bags/pouches, but in our opinion, the Urth Zeolite Tech Organiser with a strap would be more practical than this pouch. Unfortunately, the Zeolite Tech Organiser does not have attachment points for a strap, otherwise, we would advise you to buy this instead.

We love Urth products in general, but this is probably not Urth’s best-conceived product in their lineup. Yes, it is well made and will hold a small camera, and maybe a spare battery and keys if that is all you need to carry. Don’t get us wrong, some of you will love the Andesite Camera Pouch, but unfortunately, it’s not a bag we foresee using in our day-to-day or travel photography. 

If you have any comments or questions about this product then submit a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. 


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