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The Peak Design Tech Pouch was released in late 2018, so we are a little late with this review. Not long ago, we reviewed the Urth Zeolite Tech Organizer and as much as we like it, we wanted to see how it compared to the Peak Design Tech Pouch.

As mentioned in other posts, we’ve been photographers since the 1980s. Back in those days, there wasn’t much need for a multitude of accessories to carry. Obviously, there were some accessories and gadgets, but nowhere near the amount that a photographer carries with them nowadays. In those days, any accessories we had were usually carried in a toiletries bag which, although it served its purpose, does not really have the practicality for the needs of the modern-day photographer.

The digital age has facilitated the need for a multitude of extra accessories to be packed. These can include items such as camera & drone battery chargers & cords, external hard drives, mobile phone chargers, laptop power cords, spare SD/CF memory cards, and spare camera & drone batteries (rechargeable) etc.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

As we all know, when you are on location or travelling the last thing you want is to be hunting around your bag for accessories. Ideally, your accessories need to be stored in a location that is easy to access and you should always store them in the same location when repacking your bag. This could be located in one of the many storage pockets in a backpack camera bag or alternatively a tech pouch.

Some photographers will carry around their tech pouches in their backpack bags, but many, including us, will primarily use a tech pouch to organise our accessories for carrying in our luggage and then transferring the day-to-day items required to our camera bag – in our case, this is the Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L bag.

For this review, Peak Design was kind enough to send us the Peak Design Tech Pouch in black.

If you are interested, check out ‘What’s in our Bag“.

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The Peak Design Tech Pouch is constructed with a 100% recycled Weatherproof 200D nylon canvas shell. Note that this is weatherproof and not waterproof. Nevertheless, unless the pouch is being used as a dedicated camera bag (more about that later) the tech pouch is never really exposed to the elements, so weatherproof is more than adequate. Even though our Urth Zeolite Tech Organiser is made from 70% recycled materials it’s obvious that Peak Design wins the award here for its contribution to the environment.

The entrance zippers are no longer the gold standard YKK zippers, but instead, they have gravitated towards the super-durable #8 UltraZip. These zips are a 20x improvement in anti-tear strength compared to standard zippers.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag


Just like any other tech pouch/organiser, the Peak Design Tech Pouch looks like a regular toiletries bag often used for travel. It measures H: 15 cm (6in) W: 24 cm (9.5in) D: 10 cm (4in) when unpacked and weighs 288g (10.2oz). Surprisingly, the Tech Pouch is almost three times heavier than the Urth product, despite having less capacity.

The exterior of the pouch is modern, functional, and clean-looking, and is approved by Bluesign. It features a rigid shell and an UltraZip zipper that extends along three sides. While some bags offer dual zipper pulls, we believe that the single zipper pull is sufficient for this pouch. Dual zipper pulls are typically necessary for longer openings, such as those found on backpack camera bags.

Above: The two attachment points can be used to secure the tech pouch on the inside of other Peak Design bags such as the Travel Backpack 30L. It is attached to the side of the interior in the image above, however, in this position you will not be able to insert the Medium Camera Cube. Hover over the image for a magnified view.

Above: The Peak Design Tech Pouch is connected to the attachment points at the bottom of the Peak Design Travel Backpack 30L. This position will allow you to fit the Medium Camera Cube as well (see below). Hover over the image for a magnified view.

Peak Design Tech Pouch inside the Travel Backpack 30L + Medium Camera Insert

Above: This is just one option. Naturally, you could swap positions of the Tech Pouch and Medium Camera Cube V1 but you will no longer be able to secure the Tech Pouch with the clips.

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The top of the pouch has a handle that extends across the entirety of the pouch with 4 smaller handles on the sides of the pouch. The handles on the front & back of the pouch allow you to insert some fingers which makes it easier to hold the pouch when accessing the interior. We haven’t worked out the purpose of the side handles as yet. The top of the pouch also has a spacious zippered pocket that is extremely useful for accessing frequently used tech without the need to open the main compartment of the pouch. Ingeniously, they have also added a small horizontal pass-through slot. This small slot will allow you to keep a device in the exterior zippered pocket attached to a cord from a power bank that is stored in the interior of the pouch.

On the exterior of the pouch, there are two looped anchor points where Peak Design Anchor Links can be attached. This allows for the attachment of any Peak Design straps, transforming the pouch into a dedicated camera bag suitable for smaller cameras. Additionally, there are attachment points located below the anchor points that can be used on the interior of Peak Design Travel Backpack bags.

*Bluesign – All products that display the Bluesign-approved label have been crafted in adherence to rigorous safety and environmental regulations. These criteria are regarded as the most elevated standards within the industry.

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap
Peak Design Tech Pouch

Above: Peak Design Tech Pouch – Packed. Hover over the image for a magnified view.

Peak Design Tech Pouch

Above: Flat lay of gear that we would we take on our international travels.
This setup is more for just Tech – most of which would stay in our hotel room. The remainder of tech accessories will usually live in our camera bag. Hover over the image for a magnified view.


The interior of the pouch has an ingenious array of origami-style pockets. They have utilised the interior with a multitude of storage areas. They expand when you need quick access to your gear, and when you’re done, they neatly fold away, keeping everything secure and protected.

While it is slightly larger than our Urth Zeolite Tech Organiser, it has a smaller capacity of only 2 litres but holds more due to the innovative interior design.

This pouch boasts 18 storage compartments and can also hold up to 4 pens (2 on each interior side). Since every photographer has unique gear and storage preferences, the following suggestions are just a few ways to use the pouch. With so many storage options, there are numerous ways to organize your items. However, if you don’t carry the pouch with you often, it’s best to keep frequently used items in your camera bag pockets. In our opinion, unless you have room to bring the pouch with you daily, it’s better to keep those items within easy reach.

We won’t go into detail about every pocket design inside the pouch since there are numerous storage spaces, and it may make this post lengthy and uninteresting. Instead, we have provided images of the interior below. It’s safe to say that there is plenty of room to store the majority of technology accessories that photographers usually carry.

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Peak Design Tech Pouch
Peak Design Tech Pouch

Above Images: The Peak Design Tech Pouch is an ideal choice for minimalist photographers, as it features exterior connection points that allow it to function as a dedicated camera bag. The Tech Pouch fits more gear than the Peak Design Field Pouch. We could comfortably fit a Sony A7Rii camera with a Samyang AF 35mm f2.8 FE lens (not attached), along with other accessories like spare batteries, a cleaning kit, spare SD cards, circular or square lens filters, a mobile phone, a small power bank and cord. To complete the setup, we used the Peak Design Anchor Links to attach the Peak Design Leash Camera Strap, although the Peak Design Slide Camera Strap or Slide Lite could also be used if preferred.

ON1 Photo Raw 2024


  • Excellent design
  • Premium quality
  • An enormous amount of internal storage
  • Dual Purpose – could be used as a dedicated camera bag
  • Weatherproof
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Lifetime Warranty

We can’t really find too much wrong with the pouch, however, some of these CONS may not be an issue for some photographers.


  • Expensive
  • Not waterproof
Skylum Luminar Neo


The Peak Design Tech Pouch is available in Black, Bone, Midnight, Charcoal, and Sage. Hover over the image below for a better look at the colours.

Peak Design Tech Pouch - Black

Above: Black

Peak Design Tech Pouch - Bone

Above: Bone

Peak Design Tech Pouch - Midnight

Above: Midnight

Peak Design Tech Pouch - Charcoal

Above: Charcoal

Peak Design Tech Pouch - Sage1

Above: Sage


Peak Design Tech Pouch


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Peak Design Tech Pouch


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The Peak Design Tech Pouch is an exceptional blend of style and functionality, crafted with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail. It is tailored to keep your small accessories, such as cables, chargers, and adapters, organized and readily accessible, sparing you the annoyance of tangled cords and misplaced gadgets.

This handy assistant is crafted to simplify and streamline your daily routine. Despite its size, it has ample storage space, much like Mary Poppins’ mystical bag, but for your tech accessories.

After a thorough evaluation, we have found very few flaws in the Peak Design Tech Pouch. However, it is priced higher than our Urth Zeolite Tech Organiser. That being said, the storage capacity of the Peak Design Tech Pouch is greater.

When travelling, we usually rely on backpacks to move between locations, but rarely in the field. For our regular photography needs, we prefer the Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L, which has limited space and cannot accommodate a tech pouch. Nevertheless, we find a tech pouch essential for storing all of our gadgets in our luggage during transit.

We have just returned from a 3.5-week trip to Japan and the Peak Design Tech Pouch was invaluable in keeping all our tech secure and tidy. The only issue was that we would probably need 2 of these for all our gear. A single photographer should have no issue fitting all their tech in the pouch.

Peak Design has once again created a highly practical and functional product that is designed to reduce a photographer’s stress level.

If you have any comments or questions about this product then we’d love to hear from you. 


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