Peak Design Everyday Totepack 20L – V2


We recently reviewed the Peak Design Everyday Tote, which is a tremendous dual-purpose tote, but may not be for everyone. It certainly has a place in the market, but in our opinion, a smaller slice.

The Peak Design Everyday Totepack is another tote bag in their Everyday Range, which has a larger capacity and can be used as a backpack. Our first impression is that it will have a wider appeal than the Everyday Tote, especially for photographers. Both totes have their strengths and weaknesses, but together they cater to a diverse range of consumers.

Just keep in mind, when reading this post, that this is a tote bag and NOT a dedicated camera bag, even though it can accommodate considerable gear. It is more designed for the urban commuter. A dedicated camera bag will usually contain a multitude of pockets for accessories to satisfy the needs of a photographer. If you want a bag solely for photography, then this is probably not the bag for you.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

For this review, Peak Design was kind enough to send us the Peak Design Everyday Totepack 20L – V2 in the Bone colourway (as pictured above).

If you are interested, check out ‘What’s in our Bag“.

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The Peak Design Everyday Totepack 20L – V2 is constructed with a 100% recycled weatherproof 400D nylon canvas shell. The base of the tote is a more durable 900D nylon to withstand bumps, scrapes, and moisture if placing the tote on the ground.  We really love the fact that both tote bags are made from 100% recycled post-consumer material.

The tote has a 20L capacity, however, once the interior is filled to the zipper level at the top of the totepack, it’s actually a 25L capacity. For a bag that is so slim, that is a lot of capacity when you consider that we also use the Peak Design Everyday Zip 20L backpack which has a copious amount of room but less than this totepack!

The entrance zippers are super-durable UltraZips. The dimensions of the totepack are explained in the chart below. As the exterior and interior dimensions are different we thought it may be confusing to explain this in text. The depth of the totepack is 17cm at its deepest. The totepack weighs 1.05 kgs or 2.31 lbs which is nice and light, making it suitable to use for aircraft carry-on*.

*Carry-on luggage restrictions – generally restrictions are calculated on a maximum of 45″ or 114.3 cm. The width, height, & depth combined must fall below this size. Based on the unpacked dimensions of the totepack it totals 35.82″ or 91cm. Even allowing for some expansion of the totepack once packed, the totepack should still fall within the limitations as long as it doesn’t exceed the weight restrictions.

Peak Design Everyday Totepack -20L - Dimensions

Above: Peak Design Everyday Totepack 20L dimensions. Image courtesy of Peak Design.

Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag


We were sent the Bone colourway of the Everyday Totepack and we must admit this is one sexy-looking totepack. It just oozes elegance. The Bone colourway has been complimented with leather handles and accents which really makes it a very attractive-looking totepack. The Black version of the totepack, while identical, is just not as sexy looking. Once again, without sounding sexist, we think Peak Design have designed a boy’s and girl’s version of the totepack. Although, Paul likes the Bone colourway as it just looks so classy (probably not a good thing in travel photography as it can make you a bit of a target 🤔).

There are some significant differences between this totepack and the tote. The large handbag-ish handles on the tote, which we don’t particularly like, are not as large, and as a matter of fact, do not stand that much taller than the height of the totepack. This makes the totepack far more unisex in its appeal. The handles are also magnetised at the lapel in the middle of the handle.

The exterior of the totepack is clean and refined with only one horizontal quick-stash dual-zippered pocket. This, unfortunately, is the only pocket in the entire totepack, both exterior and interior, so make the most of it. The void of the pockets is not that deep, but adequate for your frequently accessed items such as a phone, sunglasses, ear pods etc. Inside the pocket there are 2 wide and 1 narrow stretchy pocket on one side, and 4 identically-sized pockets on the other side. The pocket also has a removable stretchy key tether that uses an Anchor Link to attach to your key ring. Photographers will find the stretchy pockets suitable for items such as spare camera batteries, memory cards, a wireless remote, film etc. In this pocket, you will also find the 2 Cord Hook external carry straps for attaching additional items to the exterior of the bag once it is filled to capacity.

Peak Design Everyday Tote

Above: The external single-zippered entrance at the top of the totepack

Above: The Totepack when used as a backpack. 

Above: The shoulder strap adjustment buckle. Not an ideal way to adjust the shoulder strap in our opinion.

Above: The shoulder straps neatly pack away in the magnetised pocket at the top of the totepack

Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

Both sides of the totepack have single-zippered access to the interior of the totepack that is essential for this bag due to the design of the interior. For added security, both zippers can be secured by looping the zip-pull around the small nylon loop at the base of the bag and then reattaching it to the zip. This invaluable feature is available with most of Peak Design’s bags. Ideal for travel photographers like us! See the images below for a better explanation. Hover over images for a magnified view.

Peak Design Everyday Totepack 20L - V2
Peak Design Everyday Totepack 20L - V2


All the magic happens on the exterior of this totepack as the interior is really devoid of any features. Once again, though, just remember that this is a tote and NOT a dedicated camera bag.

Inside the totepack are two laptop and tablet magnetised sleeves that will securely hold up to a 16″ laptop. Any size tablet can also be accommodated. The only other feature inside the totepack are the two wonderful origami-style Flexfold dividers which can configured to hold your camera and lenses if required. Otherwise, they can be removed completely.

That’s it the interior. Not much to write home about here. There are no pockets at all, however, for those of you that want to store more accessories in the totepack we would strongly suggest you consider purchasing the Peak Design Tech Pouch which is an awesome storage accessory and would fit comfortably in the totepack.

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Above: The cavernous interior of the totepack. 

Above: The totepack has interior access on both sides of the bag

Above: Easy access to your gear or any other items stored in the interior

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  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Premium quality
  • An enormous amount of internal storage
  • Dual Purpose – can used by photographers and non-photographers
  • Internal access from both sides of the tote
  • Holds up to a 16″ laptop
  • Stowable shoulder straps
  • Weatherproof
  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Lifetime Warranty

Some of these CONS may not be an issue for some photographers.


  • Only 1 external zippered pocket
  • No internal pockets (excluding laptop and tablet sleeve)
  • No back padding
  • Shoulder straps are not designed to adjust quickly
  • Not weatherproof if filled to capacity
  • Limited colourways
  • Bone colour can get a bit dirty after extended use
  • Expensive


The Peak Design Everyday Totepack is available in Black and Bone. Hover over the images below for a better look at the colours.

Peak Design Everyday Totepack - Black

Above: Black

Peak Design Everyday Totepack - Bone

Above: Bone

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Peak Design Everyday Totepack 20L – V2


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Peak Design Everyday Totepack


The Peak Design Everyday Totepack 20L – V2 is an exceptionally stylish bag. As mentioned above, the Bone colourway of this totepack just screams style. However, like many things in life, you can’t “judge a book by its cover”; unfortunately, this totepack falls short in some departments.

The totepack, in our opinion, has been designed more for the urban commuter that wants a tote for daily use to carry everyday items in addition to some camera gear. Although the totepack will accommodate a fair amount of gear, the lack of back padding may be a concern for those that want the comfort of a backpack-style camera bag. The lack of internal and external pockets indicates that this totepack is largely designed for dual-purpose users with minimal gear and accessories. The ability to carry a laptop up to 16″ will be an attractive option for many.

Nevertheless, although this totepack will not be perfect for everyone (what bag is?),  thePeak Design Everyday Totepack 20L – V2 caters to a niche market while neatly filling a hole in their Everyday Range. There’s pretty much a bag for everyone in this range.

Would we use it? No, we probably would not use it as a camera bag, but it will get some use as an everyday bag. But only time will tell how much use the totepack will be used.


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