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A while back we started using the Peak Design Slide Camera Strap for days when we are using our cameras without a backpack camera bag. Although we find the strap to be very functional we have found it is less than ideal when using a backpack. We spoke to the helpful people at Peak Design and they recommended we try the Capture Camera Clip instead. Please note that we have the older version (V2) of this clip as well as the new version (V3), as pictured above and below. This review, however, is based on our initial impressions of the V2 version.

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The first thing we noticed when we received the clip is how solid it is. It is constructed from aluminium and glass-reinforced nylon. We really could not imagine this clip ever breaking. As a matter of fact, the Quick-Release lock is supposed to withstand over 200 lbs. (90kgs) of force, making Capture strong enough for even the heaviest of professional cameras and lenses. This really is a serious-looking piece of hardware that is very well designed. They are designed for all levels of photography and can be connected securely to most backpack straps, a belt (works with straps up to 2.5 inches/7.6 cm wide and 1.5 inches/1.3 cm thick) or a bag.

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The really cool thing we like about the Capture Clip is for added security while travelling. Once your camera is attached to the clip it would be extremely difficult for someone to steal your camera. As an added feature the release button can also be turned 90 degrees so that it is locked and depressing the release button will not release the camera. A camera strap can be slashed and your camera stolen in moments, however, the Capture clip eliminates this from happening.

Unlike other camera-carrying solutions, the Capture Clip holds your camera completely rigid, making it ideal for more intense activities like hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, and climbing. The clip is also ideal for use with the Peak Design Lens Kit and can be attached to a multitude of Peak Design products such as the Field Pouch (see below – hover over the image for a closer look).

Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag
Peak Design Field Pouch V2

Above: The Peak Design Capture Clip V3 and Lens Kit attached to the Field Pouch V2

Peak Design Travel Tripod

Below is a short introductory video of the Capture Clip. It runs for 3min.

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These clips really need to be tested on your own setup before purchasing. Whereas it worked OK on our previously owned Lowepro Mini Trekker camera bag and our current Vanguard Alta Rise 45 bag, it really doesn’t work for us on our Lowepro Transit Backpack 350AW (we found it really tight and hard to attach to this bag). We have tried every position on this bag, but none of them works for us when attached to the shoulder straps. Unless you own a Peak Design bag we would suggest you test the clip with your own bag. More than likely it will be OK but just in case you may want to consider testing the clip at your local supplier before purchasing. 

Based on all the images on the product website the Capture Clip seems to have been designed for use without any type of strap attached. This opens up the opportunity of dropping the camera unless it is somehow used in conjunction with a wrist strap attached to the camera such as The Cuff, The Clutch, or Micro Clutch although this could be a pain to remove every time you want to insert the camera into the clip. Conventional neck straps such as the Peak Design Slide and Slide Lite do not work very well, in our opinion, with the Capture Clip. 

Lastly, you would need to remove the camera from the Capture Clip if you want to remove your backpack camera bag. This would mean putting the camera down to access the camera bag with both hands (unless you also have a strap attached).

Peak Design Micro Clutch

Above: Peak Design Micro Clutch. A new product launched on Kickstarter in May/June 2023. In our opinion, this is the most ideal product to use with the Capture Clip, especially for street photographers. You will just need to attach the included tripod plate to the bottom of the Micro Clutch base plate.

Peak Design Lens Kit

Above: The Lens Kit attached to the Capture Clip V3 used on a waist belt



Peak Design Capture Clip



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In conclusion, we think that this is an awesome product and will be a great addition to many photographers’ kits. The Capture Clip works exceptionally well when used along with the Cuff, Clutch, or Micro Clutch and fastened to your waist belt. Lastly, this is an awesome product to use with the Lens Kit (see image above – click the link below to see our review) as you can use it attached to your camera bag, waist belt, or a strap. Click here to see their full range of products. 


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