We were once again pleasantly surprised when we received a request from National Geographic Books to use one of our images in their title “100 Dives of a Lifetime“. The aerial image was taken by Helen in Kiritimati, also known as Christmas Island (not to be confused with the one in the Indian Ocean), in Kiribati 

The image in the book was taken at the conclusion of a 1-week stay on the island of Kiritimati shooting for the Kiribati Tourism Authority. Access to the island is only from Nadi in Fiji or Honolulu in Hawaii and flights are once a week. The island is particularly popular with fisherman who visit for the amazing bonefishing (see left) which is similar to flyfishing. Although bonefish can be eaten most of the fishing on the island is catch-and-release. The island also attracts bird watchers.

Above is Helen’s image that appears in the book. If you would like to purchase a copy of the book please visit the National Geographic Shop.

If you would like to see our published image in the National Geographic Book “Destinations of a Lifetime” (see left) then click here (new link coming soon). 

We also produce a range of postcards that currently sell throughout Kiribati. if you are interested in purchasing postcards you can view them here.

More images from the island of Kiritimati in Kiribati. Click on images to see a larger version.  Visit our Kiribati gallery to see more images from this great destination.

For those that are interested to find out where Kiritimati is located check out the map below. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you.

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