Riccordo di Venezia – the book is about the size of a large postcard

Italy, Venice – Then & Now – Part 2

This is Part 2 in our Venice “Then & Now” series of photos. For more information please read Part 1, which explains more about this project visit. 

This image is titled “Rio delle Meraviglie” which is in the Dorsoduro sestiere of Venice. We’re not sure where this name comes from as every indication shows that this is actually “Rio di San Trovaso“. As mentioned in our previous post, we researched the locations of all the images in the “Ricordo di Venezia” book and we found this particular location as one of the most difficult to locate even though the description below describes a “Palace” as being on the right! The Meraviglie in the image & the Meravegie on the back of the original image really baffled us. In the end, it ended up being not far from the Accademia Bridge.

Rio di San Trovaso

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Above: Rio della Meraviglie as depicted in the Ricordo di Venezia book

Rio delle Meraviglie

Above: Rio delle Meraviglie – a modern day version blended with the original image

The text at the back of this image in the book is as follows – It actually spells the canal as “Rio delle Meravegie”. Not the most descriptive caption in the book!!

“On the right: Contarini Corfu Palace” 

See if you can notice any of the changes between the 2 images and leave us a comment.

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