Quick Guide to Purchasing a Camera
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Quick Guide to Filters

One of the first accessories that a photographer purchases after buying their camera are filters. The type of filter and system purchased will generally come down to the type of photography you choose to pursue. However, in our opinion, there are a couple of filters that should be included in every photographer’s kit. This ‘Quick Guide’ will highlight some of the most common filters and answer the main questions;

WHAT they are  |  WHEN to use them  |  WHY to use them  |  WHO should use them.

What this Quick Guide Covers

Format of Filters

  • Circular Screw-in
  • Square/Rectangle Filters & Holders

Range of Filters

  • UV & Skylight
  • Circular Polarizer
  • Neutral Density
  • Variable Neutral Density
  • Graduated Neutral Density
  • Reverse Graduated Neutral Density

Other Filters

  • Night
  • Multifunctional
  • Special Effects
  • Close-Up
  • Horizon Neutral Density

Where to Buy: Deals & Discounts on Filters?

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