Singapore Airlines has dropped prices on flights to Paris again! Travel dates are in October – November/23. Flights include checked bags and meals.

For flights out of Perth, Melbourne and Sydney there may be cheaper Singapore Airlines flights, but they most likely have 1 or 2 legs on their budget carrier Scoot. The prices we have listed are for flights entirely on Singapore Airlines aircraft.

$1238 Return Perth to Paris Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

25/Oct13/Nov$1238View Flight
28/Oct25/Nov$1238View Flight
31/Oct15/Nov$1238View Flight
31/Oct16/Nov$1238View Flight
28/Oct11/Nov$1255View Flight
24/Oct11/Nov$1255View Flight
15/Oct13/Nov$1255View Flight
25/Oct11/Nov$1255View Flight
23/Oct11/Nov$1255View Flight
15/Oct08/Nov$1255View Flight
17/Oct11/Nov$1255View Flight
16/Oct11/Nov$1255View Flight
13/Oct11/Nov$1255View Flight
12/Oct11/Nov$1255View Flight
15/Oct11/Nov$1270View Flight

$1308 Return Brisbane to Paris Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

30/Oct11/Nov$1308View Flight
30/Oct22/Nov$1308View Flight
15/Oct11/Nov$1308View Flight
30/Oct28/Nov$1308View Flight
09/Oct08/Nov$1308View Flight
23/Oct22/Nov$1308View Flight
16/Oct15/Nov$1308View Flight
30/Oct29/Nov$1308View Flight
22/Oct22/Nov$1308View Flight
23/Oct11/Nov$1308View Flight
16/Oct11/Nov$1308View Flight
30/Oct30/Nov$1308View Flight
30/Oct10/Nov$1342View Flight
23/Oct10/Nov$1342View Flight
22/Oct10/Nov$1342View Flight
15/Oct10/Nov$1342View Flight
22/Oct18/Nov$1342View Flight
10/Oct10/Nov$1342View Flight

$1315 Return Melbourne to Paris Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

30/Oct08/Nov$1315View Flight
29/Oct08/Nov$1315View Flight
30/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
29/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
28/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
25/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
24/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
25/Oct13/Nov$1315View Flight
30/Oct22/Nov$1315View Flight
19/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
28/Oct22/Nov$1315View Flight
27/Oct22/Nov$1315View Flight
15/Oct10/Nov$1315View Flight
16/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
12/Oct08/Nov$1315View Flight
15/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
25/Oct22/Nov$1315View Flight
12/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
11/Oct11/Nov$1315View Flight
10/Oct08/Nov$1385View Flight

$1324 Return Sydney to Paris Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

25/Oct10/Nov$1324View Flight
25/Oct11/Nov$1324View Flight
24/Oct11/Nov$1324View Flight
25/Oct13/Nov$1324View Flight
25/Oct14/Nov$1324View Flight
15/Oct10/Nov$1324View Flight
11/Oct10/Nov$1324View Flight
10/Oct10/Nov$1324View Flight
23/Oct14/Nov$1324View Flight
14/Oct11/Nov$1324View Flight
23/Oct12/Nov$1340View Flight
15/Oct07/Nov$1340View Flight
11/Oct07/Nov$1340View Flight
16/Oct12/Nov$1340View Flight
15/Oct12/Nov$1340View Flight
09/Oct07/Nov$1340View Flight
23/Oct07/Nov$1340View Flight
14/Oct07/Nov$1340View Flight
10/Oct07/Nov$1340View Flight

$1653 Return Adelaide to Paris Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

24/Oct14/Nov$1653View Flight
23/Oct14/Nov$1653View Flight
24/Oct11/Nov$1723View Flight
23/Oct11/Nov$1723View Flight
24/Oct15/Nov$1723View Flight
24/Oct05/Nov$1723View Flight
23/Oct15/Nov$1725View Flight
29/Oct11/Nov$1726View Flight
23/Oct05/Nov$1773View Flight

$1723 Return Hobart to Paris Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

08/Nov22/Nov$1723View Flight
09/Nov23/Nov$1723View Flight
13/Nov27/Nov$1723View Flight
15/Nov29/Nov$1723View Flight
21/Nov05/Dec$1723View Flight
08/Nov23/Nov$1723View Flight
09/Nov24/Nov$1723View Flight
13/Nov28/Nov$1723View Flight
15/Nov30/Nov$1723View Flight
08/Nov24/Nov$1723View Flight
13/Nov29/Nov$1723View Flight
21/Nov07/Dec$1723View Flight
29/Oct12/Nov$1747View Flight
24/Oct09/Nov$1747View Flight
05/Nov21/Nov$1747View Flight
07/Nov21/Nov$1748View Flight
14/Nov28/Nov$1748View Flight
07/Nov22/Nov$1748View Flight
14/Nov29/Nov$1748View Flight
07/Nov23/Nov$1748View Flight

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Can I use my own dates? Yes – just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

These prices won’t last long. Usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

Ends: 27th May 2023

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