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In late 2020, GOBE re-branded its products to URTH and introduced many new products to the range.

This isn’t really a “first impressions” post about URTH Filters, as we’ve been using the GOBE brand for several years now and have written several reviews about their products. However, as they have released new products and packaging with the re-branding, we thought we’d do a “first impressions” post of URTH filters.

As mentioned in other posts, we’ve always been impressed by their commitment to the environment. Every purchase will plant 5 trees in some of the most deforested regions in the world. Being very mindful of the environment and doing ‘our bit’ was a big plus for us. In addition, their products have always been competitively priced. URTH is an Australian company (as are we), so it was great to be supporting a local company, as well as one that cared about our planet.

URTH produces a range of UV, CPL (Circular Polariser), ND Filters (fixed and variable), Filter Kits, Cleaning Kits, Lens Adapters, and Effects Filters. In 2020, they also released 100mm Square ND Filters, and in 2021 a Square Filter Holder, ND Grads, a Reverse ND Grad, and a  Center ND8 Grad. Their latest additions to the product range have been the Arkose Modular 20L backpack, Norite Modular 24L backpack (both of which can accommodate a separate camera insert), Core Camera Strap, Mantle Camera Strap, and a small range of circular Magnetic Filters.

They released the circular screw-in filters in every filter thread size from 37mm to 95mm, and up to 127mm for the UV & CPL Plus+ filters. The new URTH brand has been launched with mid-grey packaging designated with the Plus+ quality level, while the magnetic filters have black packaging but are still Plus+ quality. The Plus+ quality is their premium range.

Urth Filters

Above: The standard Urth quality packaging

Urth CPL Plus+

Above: The Plus+ quality packaging

Urth Magnetic CPL Filter Plus+

Above: The Magnetic Filter range with the Plus+ quality packaging


If you’ve previously used the Gobe range of filters, below is the difference in the quality levels compared to the Urth filters –

GOBE Filters

Entry Level ▲ – This level of GOBE filter is great for beginners but passionate photographers. The filter features Japanese optics + GOBE’s 12-layer multi-resistant coating.

Mid Level ▲▲ – This level of GOBE filter is great for aspiring professional photographers. The filter features Japanese optics + GOBE’s 16-layer multi-resistant coating.

Pro Level (Top Level) ▲▲▲ – This level of GOBE filter is highly recommended for professional photographers. It features premium German SCHOTT B270 optical glass + GOBE’s 16-layer multi-resistant coating.


URTH   This quality level is produced from premium AGC Japanese glass. It has an 8-layer nano-coating. Perfect for passionate budget-minded photographers

URTH PLUS+   This quality level is produced from premium German SCHOTT B270 optical glass and most of their filters have a 20-layer nano-coating. The UV Plus+ filters have 30 layers of nano-coating. Like the pro-level GOBE range, this quality is perfect for advanced amateurs and professional photographers that want the absolute best quality. 

Silence Corner Atoll

To read our review of the Silence Corner Atoll click here. We strongly recommend this product for those that frequently use a tripod.

Peak Design Travel Tripod
Skylum Luminar Neo


For this review, we were sent the –

As per usual, the two kits include fantastic metal lens caps which keep all the filters protected and make them easy to carry. All filters and kits always include a filter cleaning cloth. The Graduated Filter is packaged in a circular metal can, however, this is rather large and cumbersome so we would probably transfer the filter to the appropriately sized metal lens caps for use in the field.

For best results when using the filter always make sure that it is clean and free of any fingerprints. This can be achieved using a blower brush for removing larger particles, cleaning fluid that will not damage nano-coated optical glass, and a microfibre cleaning cloth. Urth produces a Glass Cleaning Kit which contains all these items in a handy travel-ready recycled nylon case.

ON1 Photo Raw 2024
Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag


The filters are extremely well made and really feel solid. They all have a double-threaded Ultra SlimRim which makes it possible to stack the filters while avoiding vignetting (depending on the focal length but not recommended at wide-angle focal lengths).

Our first impressions are that URTH filters have gone to another level with their products. We’re not saying that their quality is any better than the previous GOBE range until we have thoroughly tested them, however, with the extra layers of nano-coating on the Plus+ quality filters, you would have to imagine they will be better quality.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at these great filters. We’ll definitely continue to buy them for all our lenses. Click on the banner below to check out all their products. 




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Disclaimer:  Although we are affiliated with URTH Filters and receive a commission on any sales, this review is totally unbiased. As Professional Photographers we would never recommend the use of any product unless we have used the product ourselves. We always strive to give you our honest opinion in order to help you make the best choice. We did receive the product with compliments of URTH but were not paid for this review. We may also receive commissions on other links in this post.

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