UPDATE: As of the 24th November 2020 GOBE has been re-branded as URTH

First Impressions: GOBE Filters 

Although we use the NiSi square filter system (if buying in Australia) for our landscape images we have always used the round screw-in filters for our everyday use – notably the Hoya brand. Filters usually last a long time if they are well looked after and we haven’t needed any for quite a while, however, when we sold our Sony FE 24-70 f4 lenses to upgrade to the Sony FE 24-105 f4 lens we now needed 77mm UV, C-PL (Circular Polarizer) & ND8 threaded filters.

We’d heard about GOBE filters but never had the need for any of their products until recently. Their products looked interesting and their commitment to the environment really piqued our interest. Being very mindful of the environment and doing ‘our bit’ was a big plus for us. In addition, their products were very competitively priced which was a huge bonus. GOBE is an Australian company (as are we), so it was great to be supporting a local company as well as one that cared about our planet.

GOBE produces a range of UV, CPL (Circular Polariser), ND filters (fixed and variable), Filter Kits, Cleaning Kits, Lens Adapters, and the newly released 100mm Square ND Filters (check out our review). Not only have they released the screw-in filters in every filter thread size from 40.5mm to 86mm but also at Entry, Mid & Pro levels. Each level is made from better quality materials to fit everyone’s budget. Here’s the difference –

Entry Level ▲ – This level of GOBE filter is great for beginners but passionate photographers. The filter features Japanese optics + Gobe’s 12-layer multi-resistant coating.

Mid Level ▲▲ – This level of GOBE filter is great for aspiring professional photographers. The filter features Japanese optics + GOBE’s 16-layer multi-resistant coating.

Pro Level (Top Level) ▲▲▲ – This level of GOBE filter is highly recommended for professional photographers. It features German SCHOTT B270 optical glass + GOBE’s 16-layer multi-resistant coating.


As mentioned above, on the 24th of November 2020 GOBE was re-branded to URTH. In turn, this has heralded a new era for the company with plenty of new products being released in late 2020. These will include 100mm & 75mm Square Filter Holder, Square ND filters, Square ND Grad filters, Circular Graduated filters, a Night filter, and more.

Photography Planner
Skylum Luminar Neo

We ordered The Duet ▲▲▲ (top level) kit which includes the UV Pro Level filter and the CPL Pro Level filter. We ordered these on a Monday and they were delivered FREE on Thursday! Great service. The filter container is packaged in a recyclable cardboard box (as above) and not in the packaging as displayed below. The filter case is durable and although they would be sufficient to transport your filters safely anywhere, they are bulky. Having said that, all filter manufacturers have bulky cases which are a pain unless you buy a filter pouch of some sort. Inside each filter container, was a nifty GOBE lens cloth (you can never get enough lens cloths). A great touch. We were also delighted to find that GOBE has really thought outside the box on this one and provided a Lens Filter Cap with the kit. These are fantastic. It contains two hardened aluminium caps that screw into the top and bottom side of your lens filters (looks a bit like a filter sandwich). This means that you can keep multiple filters (with the same filter thread size) together. Such a great idea and a space saver in the camera bag.

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Above: GOBE – The Duet Kit – 2 filters encased with the screw-in Lens Filter Cap

Peak Design Everyday Sling Bag

The filters are extremely well made and really feel solid and at the price point we did not expect them to be serious contenders in the filter market. We were wrong! Not only are these filters cheap in comparison to the big name brands but they are on a quality level pegging in our opinion.

We will be testing the filters thoroughly over the next couple of weeks however our first impressions are that photographers should sit up and take notice of the wonderful products that GOBE is producing and the impact that they are having on the environment. It’s not often these days that you find a brand that produces quality products at a cheap price which also contributes to the environment. So do yourself a favour and have a look at these great filters. We’ll definitely be buying them for all our lenses.

Above: Gobe ND1000 (10 Stop) 100mm Square ND Filter ▲▲

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