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Adding a Copyright Preset in Adobe Lightroom

Now there’s probably been a lot of blog posts on how to set up a Copyright Preset in Adobe Lightroom so there may be nothing new here. Due to a lot of problems we’ve recently been having with businesses stealing photos and using on their websites (not that this would stop them) we thought we would show you the information that we immediately apply to all our images in Adobe Lightroom.

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Review – 3 Axis Camera Spirit Level

camera spirit level People always ask us why we use these when most cameras now have great tools for keeping the camera level. We have been using them for many years attached to our hot-shoe and although initially, we used them only when the camera was mounted on a tripod we have found them to be very useful in other situations. There are many different models and can be found on eBay, Amazon or at your local camera shop. (more…)

Italy, Venice – Then & Now – Part 1

Riccordo di Venezia

Riccordo di Venezia – the book is about the size of a large postcard

Some years ago we were fossicking through a small bookshop in the suburb that we live in. The owner specialises in old books and we spent quite a few hours there. We were about to leave with a handful of old travel guides when the owner suggested that we have a look at another box that he had out the back. In this box, we found several small old books called “Ricordo di Venezia” & “Ricordo di  Napoli” (on another visit we also purchased “Riccordo di Roma” and “Riccordo di Genova”).

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Filters – The Polarizer

NiSi HUC C-PL PRO Nano Circular Polarizer Filter

The CPL (Circular Polarizer) is an essential filter for anyone that that shoots landscapes or travel. Over the years we have worked a lot in the Pacific Islands and this filter practical lives on the lenses. It is great for images where you want to darken skies giving it more drama and emphasizing the clouds, to cut through reflections off glass, or reduce glare from the surface of water or the sea. It also saturates colours to make the scene more vibrant, especially blue skies, bodies of water and foliage. It is one of the few filters that has not really been properly replicated in software.

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Steel Wool Light Painting

Fire Spinning

A while back we had the opportunity to photograph some Steel Wool Light Painting here in Sydney, Australia. Below are some of the images that were captured during the evening. If you ever get the opportunity to do this then you should give it a go. These are very easy images to take for those that want to try it for themselves. The biggest challenge is finding somewhere that has an interesting background. It is also best done right after sunset during the blue hour as this way you still get some nice colour in the sky and maybe some streaky clouds depending on the conditions.

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Long Exposures – Using 9 & 10 stop ND Filters

The Neutral Density filter is a very handy filter to have in your camera bag. Although it doesn’t get used that often in our Travel Photography it certainly should be near the top of your list of “must have” creative filters.

So, what is an ND 2.7 & ND 3.0 Neutral Density Filter?

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